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Wisdom for New, Young, + Shy Christian Artists

"You DO have a place! Use what is at your disposal to convey beauty to the world in a way that is authentic to you. Beauty is the medium through which truth and goodness are conveyed. The world desperately needs you. It needs to see the light of Christ shining through the art you are creating. Even though it seems that someone has already taken your niche, YOU have unique gifts and tastes that just might draw someone into truth and goodness who would have been turned off before. Beauty will save the world, and you are needed to save the world through beauty."
Olivia, vlogger, video content creator at Catholic Girl Talk
"There is always a place at the table. God's gift to you is beautiful and worth sharing. It will give Him glory for you to use your talent!"
Gina Fensterer, designer at Someday Saints Designs
"Ask God where he wants you to use your skills. And listen when He answers! Don't be afraid to start small or to fail. Be honest about your skill level. Practice where you need it and be confident in what you are great at! If you want God to use your art, you can't waste any time on false humility or fear of failure."
Annie Vaeth, Printmaker and Painter at Paper Monastery 
"Don't limit your audience to "Christian" or not... you'll be surprised!"
Michelle Arnold Paine, painter at Michelle Paine
"Your creativity is your legacy. It will live beyond you. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with uncertainty, you have a chance to become overwhelmed with faith & joy. Choose that path."
Christy M. Johnson, Art therapist, artist, and illustrator
"I have heard others wonder if they should, for instance, make saint dolls since others like me are already doing that. I think it’s important to make sure that you are true to yourself and your style as an artist. There’s room for more doll makers (or fill in the blank what art you want to pursue), and yes, all art is imitation. But what will make you successful is embracing your own style and what makes your rendition different and unique. I learn a lot from seeing what others are doing, but ultimately I have to create what is on my heart in a way that is genuine to who I am and what my style is. I often think of Catherine of Siena’s words: “Be who God made you to be and you will set the world on fire.” I think our art works that way too. It takes time to develop that style. Mine is still developing. But it’s important to resist the temptation to simply copy what what someone else is doing."
Marcy Kelleher, Doll maker, felt florist, seamstress, and fiber artist at Marzipantz Shop
"With rosary making, I’m in the most saturated market! I had tiny goals when I started to put my pieces out there, but God has not been outdone in His generosity. God wants to use us in unique ways, and we can never know how God wants to use our talents for His glory-unless we try!"
Jessica Dixon, jewelry designer and rosary maker at Come Holy Spirit Rosaries
"God needs you and the church needs your unique gifts! If you feel a call to share your talents then God has a space for you. Pray to Our Lady for guidance!"
Rose Osada, jewelry designer at Relics by Rose
"There is a place for you! I 100% believe in making what you would want to purchase as a consumer because then a different sort of energy flows into your work that does not otherwise. Christ can reach through to all through all."
Alexandra Lemke, seamstress at The Lemke Lodge
"Be authentically you. Make sure you are working/creating to honor Christ. That way, while it can be a bit scary, you will not be adandoned in your journey."
Allison Seitz, artisan at Small Things Gr8 Love
"If you can stop thinking about the sale long enough to paint something that fuels your prayer life and inspires one just other person to draw closer to Christ then this process/job/outlet/business is worth all of the time and effort."
Kourtnee Senn, painter at Studio Senn
"Go. For. It. If nothing else, do it for the process of figuring your God-given strengths. He’s given you an interest in these things for some higher purpose!"
Jennifer, graphic designer, artist, and jewelry maker at Telos Art Shop
" There is always more room at the table! But I’d encourage you to find your niche—how can you make your item unique? What makes your art different from anyone else’s? Embrace your own style, and be patient discovering what that might be. Lastly, trust. If this is where God wants you to be for his glory, then be assured it will happen."
Megan Reusz, crafter at The Cozy Wife