Parting Words of Wisdom from Some Inspirational Artists

"Keep at it! Pray over it. People want your artwork in their homes, in their work spaces. Sometimes, it just takes time."
Courtney Freiburger, Wooden sign maker and graphic designer at Hardy Design Photo
"For anyone seeking to start sharing their gifts through creating beauty: 1)Seek the advice of experts. When I started Catholic Girl Talk, I had absoluetly no idea what I was getting into. However, I reached out to specific people who were already doing what I was doing, and doing it well. Through their advice and encouragement, I was able to work through some of the initial roadblocks of starting a ministry and YouTube Channel. 2)Be professional but seek authenticity above all. For example, if you feel called to start a YouTube Channel but do not have the latest DSLR, start it anyway! You don't have to have the latest and best equipment to start. Many YouTubers became successful starting out with only an iPhone and good content! The key is that you are sharing authentic content from your heart. Of course, use the equipment you do have in the most professional way possible. Then, contine learning to improve your quality and skills as you go. I've found that a lot of it comes only with practice!"
Olivia, vlogger, video content creator at Catholic Girl Talk
"Pray when you create. Let the joy of the Lord flow through you."
Mary Glomski, Crafter, maker at Hooking Joy Designs
"You were created to co-create beauty. The beauty you create can move others to Christ in a way that only your art can do. The world needs the beauty you have to share!"
Jacki Beers, creative designer and rosary maker at Faber Beads
"If God is laying it on your heart to create, than someone needs that piece of creation in their life. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, God is working through you for a reason!"
Alicia Baker, jewelry creator at No Heart Untouched

And I saved my favorite for last:

"Oh man, just go for it. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? You know, think of those little cherubs in all the cathedrals, the ones that only have heads and wings? Those things scare the LIFE OUTTA ME. But I mean, they’re art, right? If some dude could make those scary little creatures and have them adorn cathedrals and basilicas and churches all over the world, I’m pretty sure there’s a place for you and your art too. ? HAVE TREMENDOUS HOPE."
Heather, Illustrator, painter, and maker at Honeychild Forest