The #JoyRebels Manifesto

Pink Salt Riot Blog // The #JoyRebels Manifesto

After yesterday's post on what it means to be a #JoyRebel, I found myself writing this. This is what it means to be a joy rebel. This is the #JoyRebel manifesto.

It's not a prayer as much as a battle cry. It's the general's speech that makes us roar.

And ladies - I wanna hear you roar. Because this mission is everything.

I give myself to God:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I give him permission to change me,

use me, lead me, and mold me.

I give Him my failures,

that He may help them to heal,

but I also give Him my strengths,

my gifts, my passion, and love.

I look at all the good that I have,

acknowledge that it comes from Him,

and turn it back to Him with the promise

that with His guidance I will spend everything I am

to serve Him in the way only I can,

in the way He is calling me to serve.

I will pray,

I will preserve,

and I will not relent.

I know this mission will take all that I have.

I know this pursuit will cost me everything.

And to that I say:

God be with me always and everywhere,

for in your shelter alone I find hope.

But to the World I say:

Bring it on.

I am not afraid,

for He is with me always.

If you'd like to have this for yourself to print, frame, or otherwise use and love, I've made you a lovely printable version you can get here:

Pink Salt Riot Blog // The #JoyRebels Manifesto

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I hope you decide to join us over on Facebook as well in the Joy Rebels group for women searching for and living their call in Christ! We just opened the doors yesterday and I am so excited for you to be a part of it too!