Two Powerful Prayers for A Growth-Filled Lent

It's here, and it always seems like it comes so much earlier than it should. It's Ash Wednesday.  Usually I am scrambling to try and figure out what to do for Lent, but this year it was clear to me about a month ago: I was going to add these two prayers to my daily routine. These prayers are the Forgiveness Prayer and the Litany of Humility. God has made it very clear to me in the last few months that pride, hurt, and vanity are among the biggest of my personal Goliaths at the moment and these are prayers built to vanquish them. If those are struggles of yours as well these prayers can be tremendous means of grace and healing, perfect for the humbling, growing season of Lent. I have made printable versions of each of these prayers for you and they are available free without reservation, no sign up required. The grace of these prayers is for everyone. Download the Forgiveness Prayer here. Download the Litany of Humility here. I will keep you in my prayers this Lent. God bless.