Somebunny Just Couldn't Wait to Say Hoppy Easter...
Pink Salt Riot Blog // DIY Bunny Topiary from recycled materials! If you are new to the Pink Salt Riot Blog and my tutorials, it would be worth taking a few minutes to look at why I think recycled DIY helps you live a more joyful life, and the basic tools and supplies I recommend for brand new DIYers. After making a few of the regular topiaries at the beginning of the month I couldn’t resist making an extra adorable version for Easter! This bunny topiary is just like the others I shared, with a few simple (and cute!) alterations. In general we try to live pretty liturgically – meaning that we try to celebrate and fast on the Church’s schedule and not according to the habits of our culture. I would not normally be one to share something so Easter-y during Holy Week, but I also wanted to give you time to execute this DIY if you want to debut your own bunny topiary by Sunday! If you’re looking for a great devotion for this Holy Week, try saying a short prayer for each leaf you glue on – it will definitely give you lots of time for meditation. Here is the link to the step by step topiary making directions. You can follow them with a few changes. Pink Salt Riot Blog // DIY Bunny Topiary from recycled materials! The main difference is obviously the shape of the topiary form. I used two full sheets of newspaper to make a ball and then wrapped another full sheet around that to smooth the face and make the bunny ears. Then I secured it all with tape just like for a regular round one. Pink Salt Riot Blog // DIY Bunny Topiary Then just proceed like normal, gluing the paper leaves all over until you’re done! This one did take a bit longer than my original but I am kind of obsessed with how cute it is. Pink Salt Riot Blog // DIY Bunny Topiary How are you preparing your house and home for Easter? I am excited that my littles are both old enough to (somewhat) grasp the concept of actively looking for eggs and not just stumbling upon them! Let me know how you and your family celebrate Easter in the comments!

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