Introducing the Pentecost Collection!

I am such a Holy Spirit girl. As an artist, I just feel like the Holy Spirit makes total sense to me, no theology or explanation necessary. 

I just feel Him move and breath and create with me. It’s one of the absolute best parts of my life.

And so, this year, finally, after 3 years of wanting to but never getting organized in time, we are celebrating Pentecost in a BIG way this year!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about: Pentecost is the birthday of the Church, 50 days after Easter, when the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples as tongues of fire in the upper room. That morning they were scared and huddled together, unsure of what to do next, hiding from the world and trying to make sense of what had happened to them.

And then bam. The Holy Spirit burst onto the scene and that very day the same scared, timid disciples started preaching with fire in the city, even speaking in such a way that everyone understood them in their native tongue. 

And here is the kicker: THAT SAME SPIRIT LIVES IN YOU.


Like, wow. That is something to CELEBRATE!

And so we are doing just that with our first ever Pentecost Collection: a gorgeous Holy Spirit journal, tongues of fire earrings, new dove jewelry, and a Come Holy Spirit addition to our signature Gem Collection. PLUS - this week only - you can get the “Best of Pentecost” bundle for a special, super low price!

The journals especially are only available in very limited quantity so get yours ASAP!

I hope these pieces remind you of the fire of the Holy Spirit in your heart and that they help you open up to His movements even more every day

P.S. The Best of Pentecost bundle is ONLY available through May 16 so grab one while you can!