Learning the Voice of God
Do you ever feel like you just want God to tell you what he wants you to do?
What would you say if I told you that that was a lot more possible than you might imagine?
I have had mentors teach me how to listen to the voice of God in my life and in my prayer time, and it has radically changed my life.
Today I am sharing with you a virtual, on-demand workshop that I created to help you start to do the same.
This is not magic, this is not coercing God into doing something he doesn’t want to do, and this is definitely not New Age, just to clear the air right here about that. This is about LISTENING TO GOD and not about exerting our will over the universe, and it's 100% Biblical.
What we'll be doing in the workshop is looking at God‘s promises to us in Scripture and acting in faith on those promises, creating an environment and a disposition where we are able to receive from Him what He tells us in His word He desires to give us.
Learning to hear the voice of God can revolutionize your faith life, your prayer time, and everything in your life. That’s not an exaggeration. God can move mountains when we are surrendered to him.
This workshop builds beautifully on the Trusting from a Place of Safety Retreat I shared with you last month, and if you haven’t grabbed that yet I highly encourage you to take them together.
And, as we did last time, I am offering 20% off this workshop - this time today only. Get 30 day access for just $7.20 (!! discounted from $9) or ongoing access for just $12.80 (discounted from $16) with the code HEARHIMSPEAK.

Learn more about the Workshop.