Thank God for Every Little Bit of Progress
Last week we talked about hunting down this lie wherever it might be hiding in our minds, and that truly is hard work. We might think we got everything only to discover that there’s still a little weed patch that keeps popping up every once in a while.
We may need to go back and do the work over and over again, but today I want to talk about allowing gratitude for our progress, whatever it might be, to help encourage us in peace.
See, the enemy has just a few core game plans, and though I’m not usually a fan of focusing on him because he is mostly a distraction, it is helpful to break down a few of the core ways he likes to work: temptation, accusation, comparison, and isolation.
In temptation, which we’re all intimately familiar with, he urges us to do something we shouldn’t. Then, when we give in, he points an accusing finger at us (for doing exactly what he told us to I might add). Then, he draws totally unfair comparisons between our private lives and the public lives of everybody we know, harping on the fact that it’s virtually impossible that any of them could have any struggles like you.
And ultimately that’s what isolates you - tying it all up with the nice and insidious lie that you’re the only one like this, the only one dealing with this, the only one hurting like this, the only one struggling like this.
Sound familiar??
When we know that this is his game plan, it becomes easier to interrupt it anywhere within the cycle. There’s a very real possibility that the devil is quite annoyed that you are reading anything from our blog right now, but if he can trap you an accusation, comparison, or isolation as a result of it he still has you.
That’s where the mental rigor of everything that we do comes in - the seemingly constant reminders, the scripture memorization, the weekly content coming at you from multiple directions.
We’re not trying to overwhelm you, we’re trying to empower you to fight.
And so, to my earlier point, one of the most empowering things you can do is to celebrate every single time you successfully interrupt the cycle.
Every single time you say no to temptation, that’s a win.
Every single time you speak what God says over you instead of excepting lies of the accuser, that’s a win.
Every single time you lay down comparison and look instead at another human being likely struggling with the same things you are, that’s a win.
Every single time you reach out when all you wanna do is close up, that’s a win.
We should celebrate all of them - every time we grow in what it means to be a child of God. We have to remember that we are simply learning to walk, and just as every toddler step is celebrated in a home, every toddler step in our spiritual journey is celebrated in heaven.
And if it’s worthy of them, isn’t it worthy of us?
I encourage you to choose some thing from our shop to include in your life to be your trigger of celebration, your reminder that every little bit of growth makes your Father in heaven so very happy. I’ve put together some of my favorites for this in a very special collection you can access by clicking or tapping the button below.
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