You're Never Too (ANYTHING) for Jesus
Every month I design a new signature charm as a tangible reminder of the truth for the month. I love all of them, because they're all true, but this month's is in the top 3 of the this year for me. It's a lovely larger gold coin charm with a very important message: on the front it says "Be real with Jesus" and on the back it says "You're never too (ANYTHING) for Him."
I've been secretly wearing one my entire maternity leave because it's made for raw moments and maternity leave is like textbook definition of raw.
It’s so sad to think that people feel the need to censor or edit themselves around God.
God is not fragile, guys. He can handle your stuff.
And, newsflash: He already knows everything. You’re not affectively hiding anything from God when you don’t bring it to him in prayer, but you are cutting yourself off from allowing Him to speak into the hard things when you pretend like they don’t exist around Him.
Jesus goes as deep with you as you are willing to go with Him. If you’re holding back He can’t give you everything He has because he respects your autonomy.
But if you go to those deep, vulnerable places with Him he will go right along with you and speak into them in ways that could easily blow your mind.
It’s the same with people in our lives.
We can feel the need to self edit around friends and family, and sometimes that is the right call. Everyone is not equally entitled to your vulnerability. But I think we frequently err on the side of caution and don’t share as much as we ought with the people who most desire to love us, minister to us, and walk with us.
And that’s where I think this message extends not just into our relationship with God but also into our best human relationships – it’s also important to ask for help from people when that’s what we need. This is also been especially driven home by my postpartum journey this go round. Nothing like recovering from major surgery with a brand new human in tow to remind me that asking for help is necessary and to re-teach me the lesson the asking truly is the path to humility.
So often when we are truly vulnerable and open with people that really care about us their response is not frustration, but gratitude. They are validated in knowing that we trust them enough to share our vulnerability with them.
It’s the same with Jesus. Jesus is not frustrated with our problems or shortcomings, but He is so grateful for the opportunity to be brought into those places so that He can speak life, healing, and mercy into the most challenging circumstances of our lives.
So whether it’s asking God for help with a sin you can’t seem to kick or you're asking a friend to do you a favor, I encourage you to remember that asking is the humble thing to do.