Lettered Lace - Trust Earrings - Pink Salt Riot

Lettered Lace - Trust Earrings

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Can you spot the hidden word? This pair has the word Trust hidden in it!

The Lettered Lace collection features a variety of words hand lettered from top to bottom and mirrored to create unique geometrics with a hidden meaning. Totally obscured when worn vertically, the word comes into focus when laid on its side.

  • wood is finished maple
  • nickel free antique bronze ear wires
  • effortlessly lightweight
  • Each design is hand drawn by our Creative Director
  • cut in our studio with a laser
  • assembled by hand by our team of makers
  • Comes packaged on a beautiful card in a mylar sleeve

These pieces speak to humanity’s duel desire for truth and beauty in the lovely lines of the geometrics and the deep inspirational spark the words themselves invoke – the two functions woven seamlessly together.