Gold Moon Necklace - Pink Salt Riot

Gold Moon Necklace

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We are just supposed to be the moon.

God is the sun, and we are the moon.

He is the light and we are the reflectors.

It’s a simple analogy and an obvious one too. But I like to think that’s maybe why the moon works the way it does. I mean, it doesn’t have to be that way, right? God could have just given us a lesser light in the sky for night. But He didn't. He only gave us one bright light. Only one.

Keep the message of the moon close to your heart with this beautiful gold moon necklace. 

  • durable stainless steel charm gold plated construction - will not tarnish or discolor
  • comes on a sturdy stainless steel 18 inch chain (fits most women just below the collarbone)
  • Comes packaged on a beautiful Just Be the Moon card in a mylar sleeve