God is Our Sun

God will always be enough.

Enough for you, for me, for everyone you’ve ever met.

It is only in creating an equation in our lives that lets God add Himself to us that creates freedom in our lack.

The idea of being the moon is pretty dang bleak if there isn’t a Sun.

But there is, and He wants to shine on you with unobstructed glory. He wants to light up your face in such a way that even the depths of night – places where God Himself is not invited in – will be touched with light.

God is enough.

The light He creates is enough.

I encourage you to take some time to meditate on God as the sun.

Go somewhere quiet, close your eyes and imagine the feeling of laying out in the middle of the summer. Feel the heat of the sun, millions of miles away, but still so strong that your whole body is warmed inside and out. Let the warmth of His love and light wash over you.

I created a short guided audio meditation that you can use today (or any day!) to further reflect on this idea and come to rest in the light of God. This can be something you come back to as often as you’d like to recapture the sense of God’s light in your life.

Let the Son be your Sun today.

{Because you want to know a secret?

I think God loves puns. }

Did you enjoy this guided meditation? Then I’d think you’d love the whole Moon Challenge! If you aren’t signed up yet, you can do so for free right here!