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Secret Sisters

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uplift a sister

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reach out to a christian sister facing the same fear you are right now

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We find ourselves in unprecedented times. 

Uncertainty and fear seem to rule the day. No one knows what's coming next. Our lives are turned upside down.

 And yet hope remains. 

 In reflecting on our role of inciting revival, it has never been more important that we be people of hope. God has not abandoned us, even in the midst of this craziness. We are not alone. We have both God and each other.

So let's remind each other - we are one body.

Send a Secret Sister package to a fellow Christian sister struggling to make sense of this mess and get a package back with an encouraging letter from another sister.

Here's how it works:

  • pick your Bundle
    • Choose from the Mini Bundle or the Secret Sister Bundle
  • write an uplifting letter to a fellow Christian sister facing the same fear and uncertainty you are
    • one page is perfect!
  • on the cart page, upload your letter
    • we can accept it as a .doc, .txt, or .pdf file
  • we will send your picks and letter to a stranger
    • this will uplift their spirits and help them feel less alone in this isolated time
  • you will receive the picks and letter of someone else who purchased the same bundle as you
    • read the letter you got from a newfound Christian sister - and let it fill you with Christ's love.
  • the Holy Spirit moves
    • We know that when we open a door to God He does great things with that!

It's easy to feel helpless right now.

But this is something small you can do.

And something small we can do to serve our community and keep our doors open during this diffcult time.

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Don't feel like writing is your strong suit?

Stuck on what to write?

Here are some ideas!

  • Share your favorite Bible verses about hope, perseverance, faith, and God's faithfulness.
  • Share what God has done in your own life that assures you of His faithfulness. Personal testimonies are so powerful and humbling to hear.
  • Think of what your own fears and worries are and then imagine a conversation with God about them. What does he tell you to think about instead? Share it in your letter.
  • Encourage this unknown sister in her God given identity - she might be struggling with her identity without the normalcy of work and productivity.
  • Chat with God about what He wants you to say. Write with His guidance.

Just compose your letter in Word, Google Docs, Pages or another word processor and save as a .doc, .txt. or .pdf file.

Do I sign my name? Leave my contact info?

That's totally up to you. This can be completely anonymous if you'd like. You can decide if you want to leave the door open to connect with your Secret Sister with a name, email address, or Instagram handle. You will not necessarily receive the letter written by the same person your letter is sent to, so the ball will be in their court if they want to reach out. We can tell you that your letter will be printed once, sent, and then deleted from our servers, so should you decide to include your contact information it will not be shared with anyone beside your Secret Sister.

(We will also quickly screen letters for foul language and anything else that would go against the spirit of this project. We do not expect any issues with our incredible, faith-filled fan base, but if your letter is found to be offensive it will not be sent and your order will be refunded.)


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Here's why this is important right now:

  • Isolation can be hard on mental and spiritual health
    • It is our duty as Christians to maintain a strong sense of the body of Christ even when we can't congregate as the body of Christ. We cannot neglect the social and spiritual needs of our neighbor in this time.
  • We are all seeking tangible signs of God's presence in the midst of this uncertainty.
    • You can be the hands of God reaching into someone's life through this program.
  • This is a great way to support our small Christian business so that when this is all over we aren't all over too.
    • Our future and the future of many, many businesses is in jeopardy if the closings and cutbacks continue. We believe Pink Salt Riot offers valuable service to the Christian community and we want to continue in that mission as long as we can. But we won't last if support goes away. That's just the truth of the matter.

 Here's how we are protecting you and your packages from contamination:

  • Our lovely, dedicated shipping manager Jeni is shipping alone in the office and keeping everything clean. She is the only person that will handle your packaging in house.
  • Covid-19 is known to live for only 24 hours on cardboard and other porous surfaces, so if you'd like to be abundantly careful you can wait 24 hours after delievery to open (in case of contamination during shipping) or wipe the package down with a cleaner prior to opening.
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But you don't have to take our word for it...

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"I got a secret sister box today and I can’t tell you how perfect it is. Every little thing was a message from God; it brought up painful things through the little messages and even the packaging and I cannot even express it. Thank you for setting this up!"

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Want to get in on this?

Just write a letter to a sister in Christ & pick a bundle!


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pick a print and sticker of your choice

write an uplifting letter to a fellow Christian sister facing the same fear & uncertainty you are

we will send your picks and letter to a stranger

you will receive the Mini Bundle picks and letter of someone else

Free domestic shipping! ($2 international)

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pick a print, sticker, and piece of jewelry of your choice

write an uplifting letter to a fellow Christian sister facing the same fear & uncertainty you are

we will send your picks and letter to a stranger

you will receive the Bundle picks and letter of someone else

$2 domestic shipping! ($10 international)

[/et_pb_pricing_table][et_pb_pricing_table title="Snail Mail Bundle" subtitle="rather pick who you send to? this is for you!" currency="$" per="per bundle" sum="14.40" button_url="" button_text="pick your cards" _builder_version="4.4.1" custom_button="on" button_text_size="30px" button_text_color="#ffffff" button_bg_color="#c67548" button_text_size_tablet="" button_text_size_phone="" button_text_size_last_edited="on|phone"]

Get 6 greeting cards and 3 stickers at a huge discount

Have supplies to reach out to more people via mail during this hard time

Free domestic shipping! ($2 international)