The original premise of the Joy Box was a box of Christian goodies to give & keep, & we have always encouraged people to keep half & give half away.

We still encourage giving out of every box, but now we're also diving deeper into the why behind every part of the Joy Box, designing everything for impact and daily spiritual growth.

Starting Spring 2023, each box will include access to a special website full of ideas for how to think about, use, and gift every item in your Joy Box to intentionally cooperate with God in your journey to becoming who He created you to be.

The theme of the Spring Joy Box is "Awareness of the Presence of God" and everything in it is made to help you remember that God is always with you - fully present and alive to you in every moment of your day.

This awareness helps grow in your prayer life, your intimacy with God, and your reliance on Him.

We love using physical products to help drive home these messages as we love and know an incarnational God - one who became man, took on matter and a human body - who invites us to submit everything - even things to Him.

The Joy Box started in 2019 and has had thousands of satisfied subscribers, but this year we decided to take it to the next level. It's going to be unbelieveably good & we're tripling the value of every box ($290+/box), so the price will be going up by just $4.99 (to $29.99/quarter) when the box launches in March.

That's a 90% savings at full price, BUT, if you preorder your Spring Box now, you have the opportunity to lock in current rates for the whole life of your subscription - just $25/box