Win Your Wishlist!

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We are giving you the chance to WIN your wishlist! 

That’s right - the whole thing, up to $250 in value!

(If your wishlist is bigger than that we will send you a $250 credit to use on the items of your choice off your list!)

Here’s how you enter to win:

    • While you are logged in on the website (This is important! This is how I can know who you are so you can win!) create as many wishlists as you want. 
    • Go to “Settings” in each individual Wishlist you want to enter to win and set the wishlist to “Public”. 
    • Then when you return to your main Wishlist page you will have a link to your wishlist and options to share via email, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Choose one of these options and share your wishlist during the week of November 18-22 to be entered to win!
    • You can enter to win more than one wishlist, but each one needs to be shared to win!
    • That’s it! Bonus entries will be added for sharing via your Instagram or IG Stories if you tag @pinksaltriot so we can see it!
    • One lucky winner will be chosen at random on November 23 and notified via email! 


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