your exclusive joy box offer

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give joy

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get 20% off your first quarterly joy box - a box of goodies to give + keep

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We have a God who is abundantly lavish with us.

The sun itself is proof - God choose to begin and end each day - each and every day - with a gorgeous array of colors and beauty beyond our imagination. He gives constantly.

He overflows.


In reflecting on our role of inciting revival, we started thinking about what we could do to both live more like Christ ourselves and equipping our customers to do the same.

This box is the fruit of that reflection.

Each Joy Box is $85+ worth of PSR products for $25

with free domestic shipping ($12 international shipping).

{That is our part of the process - giving abundantly to you at the greatest possible value.}

But then your part of the equation is this -

We challenge you to give away half of what's in the box.


Doesn’t matter to who, or why, but we believe that every time we give without reservation we are living in the image of the Creator. And we are all about helping you do just that.

We know your desire to give.

Your big, huge heart for others.

{We like to think we’ve got that too.}


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But it’s just a fact of life that there are financial and time obstacles to marking the little things in life with a small token of our attention.

Our hope is that the Joy Box will remove those obstacles.

By arriving on your doorstep quarterly with a thoughtfully curated assortment of products you no longer need to find time to get the store or agonize over what to buy online.

And at just $25 every 3 months, {less than a tank of gas 4 times in a year}, even a missionary or student can afford to give with abundance.

Each box includes:

  • 2-3 5x7 art prints
  • 6 greeting cards (2 or more designs each box)
  • 2+ vinyl stickers
  • 2-3 pieces of jewelry, accessories, and other handmade goodies to give + keep
  • Surprises! (surprises have included an extra stickers, a printed gift bag, tattoos, and more!)

With the Joy Box subscription you will have beautiful, thoughtful, and unique handmade products on hand to give when someone is sick, downtrodden, struggling or rejoicing.

You will have beautiful prints to slip in with a meal for a new mom.

Thoughtful cards to send to Ann in accounting that just got a promotion.

Unique and stunning jewelry to pass on to your niece when she gets the lead in the play.

A simple uplifting keychain to add some encouragement to the life of your newly widowed neighbor.

And that new mom, Ann, your niece, and your neighbor will feel seen in a way that would never have otherwise.


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We imagine a world where these small acts of giving multiply to create a more Christ-like, kinder, gentler culture. And it doesn't take anything more than glancing at the news to know we need that like crazy.

Our quarterly subscription box will be delivered to your door in early March, June, September, and December of each year, lining up with the changing of the seasons. 

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but you don't have to take our word for it...

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_testimonial author="Mary S." portrait_url="" _builder_version="3.27.4" body_font="|700|on||||||" body_text_color="#ffffff" body_font_size="20px" background_color="#e2ab34"]

I LOVE it when I get my Joy Boxes from y'all!!! That's exactly what they are, a box of Joy!  When I got this last joy box, I was having a crummy day. When I got home I found the joy box sitting on my table. When I opened it, I felt tons better. The positive quotes lifted my spirits almost instantly!

Thank you for showing God's love to everyone in all you do!! God Bless!
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Ready to jump on board?

We have a special offer just for you! For the next 24 hours use the code


to get 20% off your 1st box!

(No commitment. Discount applies to the first box only. Automatically renews every 3 months, cancel anytime before the next renewal date.)


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