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Tween Stocking Box



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Delight the tweens in your life with our Tween Stocking Box, thoughtfully curated to encourage self-discovery, faith, and positivity. This special gift box includes an array of items designed to inspire and empower their unique journey.

Box Contents:

  1. 🌈 "Breath In Your Lungs" Tie Dye Tapestry: A vibrant tapestry to add a pop of color and inspiration to their space.

  2. 🌟 "I Know Who I Am" Retro Keychain: Carry a reminder of self-assurance and faith wherever they go.

  3. πŸ” "See Me" Pocket Mirror: A handy mirror for self-reflection and self-confidence.

  4. ✝️ Christian Temporary Tattoos: Fun and faith-inspired tattoos for creative self-expression.

  5. 🌿 "Fruits of the Spirit" Double Sided Print: A beautiful print to explore the virtues of the spirit.

  6. ✌️ "Peace" Gold Word Bracelet: A stylish accessory to remind them of the importance of inner peace.

  7. πŸ“– "Jesus Teach Me" Mirror Cling: A daily reminder of faith and guidance.

  8. 🌊 "Who the Waves Obey" Studs: Earrings inspired by the calming and powerful presence of God.

  9. πŸ‘« Elastic Friendship Bracelet - "I Do Not Fear Lack": A symbol of faith, abundance, and friendship.

  10. 🌟 "What God Says About You" Vinyl Sticker: A reminder of their worth and value in God's eyes.

  11. β˜€οΈ "Live in the Light" Vinyl Sticker: A message to embrace positivity and light.

  12. πŸ™ "God Speaks Over Me" Vinyl Sticker: A reminder that they are heard and cherished by God.

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Inspire faith and self-discovery. Order our Tween Stocking Box today and let these items empower the tweens in your life on their unique journey of faith and self-assurance.

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Tween Stocking Box

Tween Stocking Box