The Deluxe Gift Giving Library

You know we love to spoil you. So for all you lovely people that love giving gifts (and let’s be honest, this is just as much if not more for the people who don’t because print at home wrapping paper is #procrastinatorsbff) we have complied our ultimate library of printable cards and wrapping paper exclusive to our buyers.

You can’t get this stuff anywhere else, except the occasional entry in our monthly free library. But those go away in a hot minute. This library is forever yours.

So let’s get to the good stuff, right? Each wrapping paper PDF has multiple pages with different designs, so you can pull them up in your browser and, well, browse, before printing. Make note of the page number of the design you want and print! These printable papers definitely work best for small gifts (and our 3×3 gift boxes fit PERFECTLY) and they also make super fun envelopes.

Want more templates and ideas for using these papers? Check out our Pinterest board of templates and ideas!