I’m giving you fair warning – Mother’s Day is coming. So that Thursday before scramble? Yeah, you won’t have an excuse anymore. Lucky for you I’ve done the work of coming up with some of the best, most thoughtful, most appreciative Mother’s Day presents for your saintly Catholic mother that you’re likely to find and all you have to do is keep reading. I’ve included ideas for items to purchase, things to do, and prayers to offer so that whatever your mom’s gift style you’ll be able to find the perfect thing for her.

Get her a gorgeous bracelet

Let’s start right off with the good stuff. Bracelets are big right now (are they ever not?) and there are lots of great ones in our Mother’s Day shop including this Jesus + Coffee bangle, a boho vibe Whatever God Wants red wood bracelet based on St. Gianna’s life, and a lovely take on the wonderful words of Divine Mercy in this Jesus I trust in you charm bracelet.

Make her a pampering package

Self care + moms. It’s a struggle folks. When you have a lot of little humans to keep alive, sometimes merely keeping yourself alive as well is the daily norm. So why not put together a package of self care goodies Mom likes to help her unwind and relax? Don’t know what Mom likes? Psst… check her Pinterest! Some great items to include could be essential oils, bath bombs, a bath pillow, coconut oil, lotion bars, and a new AMAZING towel. Because that is just a gift that keeps on giving.

Have some flowers sent to her

An oldie and a goodie. Basically can’t go wrong. I have been happy with my orders from FTD in the past. This is especially great if you live far away but want to mark the occasion in a special way!

DIY her a beautiful arrangement of your own

This month I have shared 3 amazing ways to DIY some beautiful indoor greenery with recycled materials including these easy topiaries, graceful budding branches, and trendy succulents. Not only will Mom love this grownup version of a homemade gift, but she’ll be able to enjoy these much longer than real flowers!

Make the flowers into a Spiritual bouquet

Whether you go with homemade, store bought or delivered, you can make flowers for Mom mean even more by making them into a Spiritual bouquet as well! All a spiritual bouquet is is a collection of prayers you have prayed or will pray for the recipient, be it Our Fathers, Hail Marys, rosaries, novenas, litanies, or any other kind of prayer. If you are giving Mom some flowers, why not commit to saying a prayer for each one? Then let Mom know that you have lifted her up in a special way in prayer with a spiritual bouquet card like the one above from our free resource library.

Pray the Infant of Prague novena for Mom as a family on Mother’s Day

I am kind of bummed this was my idea because I would have been SO touched if my family did this for me without me knowing beforehand. For those who don’t know about the Infant of Prague novena, it allows you to do a whole novena in just one day as you pray the prayers each hour for nine consecutive hours. What an incredible gift to the moms in your life! Not only the prayer, but the attention to detail in being diligent about praying each hour for her, will mean the world to Mom. My family plans to do this to pray for me, our moms and grandmas. Want to try it? I’ve got a lovely printable version for members of the Sisterhood of Joy! It’s free to join and you’ll get your novena right away!

Pink Salt Riot Blog // Free Infant of Prague Novena Printable!

Write her a letter

Your mom loves you. She gives you the vast majority of her time and effort, and even if you’re not at home any more she spends a lot of her time thinking about you and how she can continue to serve you! She does this because she loves you, but when is the last time you tried to convey in words how much she means to you? You can bet any letter you write – an honest to goodness letter, not a few lines on a silly card – will become one of her most treasured gifts.

Get her a gift card to her favorite guilty pleasure restaurant

You know the one. The one she loves to eat at but it is too fattening/expensive/far/etc. for regular dining. Give her the push to go get something she totally loves.

Make her lunch in bed

Mother’s Day is a Sunday, right? So ideally Mom should not have any afternoon commitments whatsoever. Mornings can be tricky because there are people to dress and church to get to, but lunch on Sunday? That can be pure laziness. Send mom to her room/the couch around 11 with a drink and a good book/favorite show and spend some time making her some of her favorite foods. Deliver them hot and ready to her on her lazy throne of choice and make sure she gets at least a couple hours without anyone needing her to really soak up the Sunday.

Either do the dishes or use paper!

Moms should not do dishes on Mother’s Day. Don’t be that Dad/daughter/son. If you can’t do dishes (umm, probably a problem…) use paper. But Moms. don’t. do. dishes. on. Mother’s. Day.

What are you planning for your Mom’s special day? Let me know in the comments!