Ep. 14 - Answering the Call to Joy When Life is Painful

In today’s conversation, Mich Nicholas shares her experience with a unique kind of grief and how the Lord has helped her grow in compassion, gratitude, connection and Joy through a painful experience. Her story is a beautiful example of how God reveals himself in all situation, even when it may be hard to see Him.

Mich Nicolas is a book writing coach for Christian women, and has been a book editor and writer for over two decades. She is a wife, homeschooling mom, and missionary. A city girl all her life, she relocated to the countryside after getting married. Through her story, she hopes to help wives who had to relocate because of their husband’s career, so they can reclaim their happiness, gain a sense of sanity, and thrive amid the changes. 

For the free ebook “Thrive Guide for the Relocated Wife: The 3 Best Ways to Deal with Homesickness (so you can get your happy back!)” visit michnicolas.com/relocation.