Are You Seriously Changing the Name AGAIN??

As we launch into the new and exciting season 5 of "Free for the Fruit," host Jill Simons invites both longstanding listeners and newcomers on a transformative journey with the very first episode titled, "Are You Seriously Changing the Name AGAIN?"

This episode is not just another chapter in the podcast but a groundbreaking relaunch that promises to redefine our spiritual engagements and how we embrace the fruits of the Holy Spirit in a refreshed and profound way.
Previously known as the "Authentic Uprising" podcast, Jill dives deep into why a shift to "Free for the Fruit" better aligns with the core mission of her company, Pink Salt Riot, and more importantly, with the spiritual nourishment the podcast aims to offer. This episode is crucial for anyone who’s felt that despite being a Christian, there seems to be a disconnect in experiencing joy, kindness, self-control, and other fruits promised by the Holy Spirit.

Jill articulately unfolds the reasons behind the rebranding, linking it not just to a change in name but to a renewed vision that focuses on aligning our perception with the truth of God’s word. The analogy of Bernie Madoff’s clients living a falsehood highlights this episode's key message: the real impact of living in truth versus belief based on deception.

As "Free for the Fruit" sets forth to not only explore but also dismantle the lies that hinder us from experiencing a full spiritual harvest, Jill introduces the innovative approach of the monthly theme-based exploration combined with the tangible reminder through "Truth Bands Together," a subscription service integrating faith-filled declarations that tackle specific lies each month.

Join Jill Simons in this enlightening episode that promises to recalibrate your spiritual compass and deepen your roots in the truth of what God says about you. **Listen now and find out how you, too, can become truly Free for the Fruit.**