Ep 20 - Healing and Hope after Miscarriage

Today's show is the first of a two part series we are doing to mark Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Month, observed each October. Having had a miscarriage myself in 2018, I am passionate about this topic and giving women tools to walk through this challenge - whether it is your loss or the loss of someone you love.

Mary Thissen is a wife to Jaime of nearly 10 years and mom of two beautiful twin boys, Blaise and Gabriel. Mary and Jaime have four children in Heaven: Joseph, Therese, Gianna and Maximillian. Mary senses a call from God to share her story of loss in order to minister to the women, men and families who have lost their precious children and point them to the hope of Heaven. You can message Mary and follow her at https://www.instagram.com/waitingonmiracles/

You can find the miscarriage cards mentioned in this episode, as well as other gifts to memorialize little lives gone too soon right here: https://pinksaltriot.com/collections/miscarriage-child-loss-rememberance