Ep 4.2 - Does Your Image of God Need a Makeover?

Does your image of God need a makeover?

So often we go through life and faith with an unexamined image of God, pieced together from people, events, and stories we have experienced throughout our life, which may or may not reflect who God actually is. I love to ask atheists to describe the God they don't believe in and 9 times out of 10 I'm right there with them - the image of God they describe is nothing like the God I know to be our loving Provider.

These faulty images of God can hold us back from ever going deeper in the life of faith - when we have a twisted, tainted view of someone it typically doesn't make us want to get to know them better right? Our untrue images of God keep us from pursuing and receiving more authentic relationship with Him and the first step of healing them is getting aware of what they are.

Start investigating your own image of God with Jill on today's episode of the Authentic Uprising podcast.

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