Ep. 4.21 PRAY WITH ME: Cultivating Personal Awareness

This week’s episode of the AU podcast is a pray with me. Pray with who God wants you to be, where He wants you to leave control of your life up to Him. What does God say about you? How can you integrate that into your life?

1:52-2:17 A shorthand with your body

2:56-3:15 Your emotional baseline

3:53-4:36 Who has 20/20 vision?

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Hello and welcome to today's episode
of the Authentic Uprising podcast.
I'm your host Jill Simons, and I'm so
excited to grow in the radical art
of standing in what God says
about you with you today.
The show is a place where we
pour into the sense of who God is,
who we are, and how we can live
more in the freedom that He
has for us every
single day.
We've had a lot of episodes over
the last couple months that have
really highlighted the importance
of knowing ourselves.
We've talked about beliefs. We've
talked about being aware
of whether or not we rest. We've
talked about getting to know
ourselves throughout
our life,
especially on last week's episode
with Micole. And what we really
wanna do this week is
kind of capstone this time
of self reflection by having
a time of prayer to really
open ourselves up to real
of awareness of ourselves.
Of what it is that we are bringing
to the table and what's going
on in ourselves
because ultimately,
we don't know ourselves
as well as God knows us.
And we need help sometimes to
actually be aware of what's going
on inside of us. That's a huge
part of what you do at therapy
and why so many people go to therapy
is because there's an a lack
of awareness about what's
going on inside of you.
And therapy is definitely a helpful
tool for a lot of people.
And so I'm not suggesting that these
times of prayer are a replacement
for that or should be
used instead of that.
It's really helpful to
use alongside other
methods of getting
to know ourselves.
And also, if you don't have
something in your life that you're
seeking therapy for right now,
it's really helpful for just
everyone to cultivate this personal
awareness so that if things
do come up in your life that are
are kind of surprising or...
Feelings that you don't
really know what to do with.
There's already sort
of a shorthand there.
Kind of like if you were to be
working out and get an injury,
you have so much more awareness
of your body and what it does
and how it works that you can
be a lot more intentional
about healing from that injury
and you can be a lot more aware
of where you're at
in that healing,
because you already have
the shorthand with your body.
You already understand what your
body feels like in a healthy
manner so that when
there's something off,
you can realize how to address
that, you can be aware of your
body's limits, you can be aware of
how you need to move through healing.
And it can be the same when
you are aware of yourself.
When you're aware of your
internal emotional reality,
then if something
does happen,
you can use that to set your
baseline, to figure out what
is normal for me and what's
happening right now and where do
I think this is coming from?
And a lot of times you can just move
through things a lot quicker
or a lot healthier.
And so this is great for everyone
to do to just open themselves
up to God introducing yourself to you
in a way that you maybe haven't before.
So that's gonna be what we'll do
in our time of prayer today.
And so as always, on our
prayer episodes,
I just invite you to be
somewhere comfortable,
go ahead and save this
episode for later.
If you are driving or not in
a position where you're able
to really take
the time to reflect,
make yourself a little note on
your phone, set an alarm to come
back to this at a time when it
is a good time time for you to
really take some
time and prayer.
So go ahead get comfortable,
we'll get started.
The goal of this prayer time
is really just gonna be to receive, to
receive from the Lord and to
allow Him to share with us,
from His total
clarity about who we are.
That's something that no human
being whether it's you or someone
else that knows you
has about you.
None of us have 20/20
vision when it comes to ourselves,
or even other people. God is the one
who sees us truly as we are,
and that's why going to Him
for our view of ourself,
like we talk about so much on
this podcast and going to Him
for getting to know ourselves
as we are is so powerful.
So I invite you to come into
just a comfortable posture so
that you can really
receive from the Lord.
It always helps me
to open my palms,
but you can be in whatever
position is comfortable for you.
God is not limited by
the position that you're in.
We've talked in the past about
how we have relationship with
God as king and God as father
and we're really gonna be going
to Him as father today.
Now if for some reason,
this image of fatherhood is
a challenging one for you,
then I invite you to approach one of
the other members of the Trinity.
You can go to Jesus and approach
Him like a friend, like a brother
and really we wanna strip away any area
of friction in this time of prayer.
So if there is something about
one of these images that we
apply to God that is
challenging for you,
go ahead and adjust it in your
mind so that it works for what you
have is your life experience. All
the people of the Trinity are God,
obviously, and so no one
is a lesser member,
and you can approach any
of them at any time.
We wanna start with just a couple of
breaths to really find that rest.
We've talked about
rest a lot lately.
We wanna find the rest that God
has for us just in this moment,
letting go of the fact that we don't
need to control anything right now.
We don't need to be in charge.
We just wanna receive from God.
If it helps to just build some
gratitude in this moment.
You can say, thank you, Jesus. As you
breathe in and out. So I always breathe in,
"Thank you"; out, "Jesus."
Thank you, Jesus.
And you can just bring whatever
person of the Trinity into
your mind that you're going to be
addressing, just see Him there with you.
Wanna really activate our
imagination in this so that we can
receive in a very personal way. Really
see the person of God in front of you.
They're with you. Think about
where He is in this space.
Are you guys sitting together? Or is He
standing with you? Where are you at?
At your home,
at your work, out nature,
just paint the whole
picture in your mind.
And as this picture comes into
greater and greater focus in our minds,
we wanna prepare to ask
the Lord some questions.
And so I'm going to share
these questions with you sort
of short order
rather quickly.
With the intention that you can
use the ones that are helpful
to you and go back to
other ones later.
So if you want to pause
after any certain questions,
spend some time there, feel free
to do so. Let's ask the Lord.
Jesus, How do You
see me right now?
To follow up,
you can ask Jesus,
what do You want me to see about myself?
What do You want me to see in me?
As I said, pause this if at any
time you wanna linger on a question here.
You can ask God, What do
I under value about myself?
that you want to show me.
You can ask God,
what do I put too much
emphasis on in myself?
How do You want to realign me with
the truth of who I am in that area?
You can ask the Lord, What is
Your call on my life right now.
What do You want to equip me to
do? You can ask the Lord where
do You want me to lay down control
in my life? Where do You want me
to let You be in charge,
be in the driver's seat?
As Jesus responds to you just
thank Him for His answers.
And go ahead and make note of
anything that He says about you
that is really
I'd love to have you look at
those impactful statements from
God and look at how you can make
into a declaration about yourself.
Something that God says
is true about you.
Those are some of the most
powerful in my life,
and I know they have the potential
to be some of the most
powerful in yours as well. I'm
gonna go ahead and sign off in
leading this time of prayer, but
don't feel like that's a requirement
to stop praying. If you're still
receiving them from the Lord,
please spend as much time
here as you wish, as you can.
And make note of what
He says about you.
You can return to this as often
as you want to continue
to receive from God, to start you down
the path of greater self reflection.
Thanks for being with me
today. Have a great week.