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  • Ep 3.7 - PRAY WITH ME: Receiving our Worth from God Alone

    June 21, 2022 8 min read

    Ep 3.7 - PRAY WITH ME: Receiving our Worth from God Alone

    Pray with me today! We're taking time to sit with the Lord in the quiet and chat with Him about where your true worth comes from.

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    Episode Transcript:

    Hello, and welcome to the authentic uprising show. I'm your host, Jill Simons. I am so excited to grow in the radical art of standing in what God says about you with you today. This show is a place where we pour into our concept of who we are, how we've been created with intention by God and how we can live out of the freedom that he has for us more every single day.


    Jill Simons


    Hello and welcome to today's episode of the authentic uprising podcast as always. I'm your host, Jill Simons. And I'm so happy to be here with you today, cuz I'm we get to pray today, right? Every day that we pray is so much better and that's why we have to do it every day. Right? So today we're going to be praying specifically with our verse for the month, which is this lovely verse from Isaiah 64. Yet you Lord are our father. We are the clay and you are our Potter. We are all the work of your hand and we're gonna be spending time, really reflecting on where we do believe that's true and really celebrating the places in our lives and hearts where we've allowed God to really come in as creator and artist to make us in that sense. And then also identifying those places in ourselves where we're kind of holding that back where we like, I believe that about this part of me, but not this part that seems like this part.


    Jill Simons


    The is not something that God created. This is not something that's good about me. This is something that maybe even invalidates the worth that I have in being created by God. And so we wanna just pray into that and really allow the Lord's space to speak to our hearts about that because in one of the great greatest ways that we see the fall in our lives is our struggle to know ourselves. We don't know ourselves as well as God knows us. And so because we don't know ourselves well, it's really, really powerful to allow God to speak into what it is that we're already thinking and feeling about ourselves because he has greater insight than we do. And so that's what we really wanna make space for today is allowing the Lord to introduce us better to ourselves, better to where introduce us better to where we are at right now, so that we may be able to move for word with him in partnership, to develop better mindsets about the things that are broken right now and also to grow in that sense of having been created by God and having been created with worth by him.


    Jill Simons


    So that's what we're gonna do today. Go ahead and find yourself a quiet place. Pause this episode. If this is not the time for you to stop, drop and pray and go ahead and find space, find time that you can really enter into this conversation with the Lord. And,


    Jill Simons


    And as we always do on these days of prayer, I just want you to start by being aware of your body, getting comfortable in where you're positioned and noticing if you need to move, if you need to be in a position that allows you to really put your focus on the that you're praying the conversation you're having with Jesus. So notice if there's anything uncomfortable about where you are, where you're sitting and just gently correct that whether you need to lay down, whether you need to move, just take care of that right now. And once you get comfortable, draw attention to your breath, Just feel your lungs expanding, Try and let the breath really come from your belly, not from your shoulders. So try to keep your shoulders nice and still and expand through your stomach, me and diaphragm. And as you breathe in and out, I just want you to bring your awareness to the fact that Your lungs, the cells of your lungs, The cells of the air Were, were formulated to work together by God As part of his beautiful mastery as the Potter. So as we exhale, we just say, thank you, Jesus,


    Jill Simons


    You Lord. Thank you. And I want you to just keep that awareness with your breath. The beautiful way it's created by God as I, the word of Isaiah 64, 8 over you Yet you Lord are our father. We are the clay and you are Potter. We are all the work of your hand. I just want you to reflect on that And go to the place Where you imagine God, the father, as the Potter, Working on you As he is sculpting you, you and molding you. How does he look at you? What is it that he's working on As you watch him work on you? I just invite you to ask him, Lord, what is it about myself that you have crafted that I don't appreciate eight. Just let the Potter answer you. And if you receive that answer from him, you can also just follow it up by asking Lord, how can I appreciate what you have created in me even more? How can I see Your mark on me? And if you're having a conversation, just go ahead and keep letting that flow. And if you're not hearing anything specific from God right now, that's okay, go ahead and just let him look at you


    Jill Simons


    Feel his gaze As the Potter looks on the work of his hands, How would you describe it? What kind of look does he look at you with? So often when we struggle to really view ourselves as the work of God's hands, we can also struggle to view other people that way. And that's another part of why it's so important to get this piece, right? So now we wanna ask the Lord, Lord, who is it That you most want to show me? Who is it that you want to give me eyes to see as the work of your hand? Maybe it's you, maybe it's someone in your family, Maybe it's someone else, you know, maybe it's someone you don't even know, Just let the Lord speak That person in your heart And something else that comes along. So often with an inability to see the hand of God in someone is when we have unforgiveness in our hearts, This might be towards yourself or this might be towards someone else. But we, I just wanna submit those places where the pain remains to God And ask him to help us Share with us, the grace to of,


    Jill Simons


    So we wanna start just by asking Lord, do I need to forgive this person for something? And if so it, what do I need to forgive? And as He shares with you, That person and that issue, I invite you to go ahead And say in the name of Jesus, I forgive then fill in the name of the person four and then fill in what it is. That was the offense that needs to be forgiven. And then just let the Lord hold. You, Let him comfort you as you release that pain, that frustration, that struggle that comes with unforgiveness. If you start to cry all the better, The holy spirit loves to move through tears that just cleanse us, Help us expel so much of what we've been holding onto. Then we just say, thank you, Lord. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for the grace to forgive. When we do not have the strength within ourselves. Now we wanna return to that verse to Isaiah 64 8 And listen to it again. Yeah, you Lord are our father. We are the clay and you are Potter. We are all the work of your hand.


    Jill Simons


    Now we wanna ask the Lord, Lord, how can I Live even more into my identity as your child? How can I let you be my father? How can I let you love me in that way? And just let him answer you, Lord. How can we live even more as the work of your hand, What would be different in our lives? If we lived truly into that identity as your masterpiece. Thank you Lord. As we close this time of prayer, Just encourage you To let the father love you. That might mean you experience him Wrapping his arms around you. Maybe you're sitting next to him and he puts a hand on your knee. Maybe you lay your head on his shoulder, whatever it is, Just invite you to let God show his fatherly love to you right now, Whatever history, whatever baggage you might have with that image or that word, just ask God to help you set it aside for now and experience his true fatherhood, his good fatherhood, The to you in a way that you've always longed to be loved. And in the face of that overwhelming love, we just say thank you, Jesus.


    Jill Simons


    Thank you for your love for us. Thank you for creating us. Thank you for making us as the work of your hand. We love you. Jesus. Thank you. I hope you guys have the most wonder for week and that I hope that you have experienced today. A real bodied sense of God's love for you. And I hope that you return to this as often as you need it To just rest in that love that he has for you. And I hope that even as life goes on and things happen as things are want to do. I hope that you remember what is possible in relationship with God. And sometimes in the midst of our fallen humanity, that's easier to do when we have a visual reminder or a physical thing in our lives that really draws us back to this reality that we are loved by God in this just astounding way. And so if you're the kind of person who really benefits from having that bodied reminder, which I think so many of us are, I invite you to head to pink, salt, riot.com and check out our shop Because ultimately that's why we create products is to be these reminders of these beautiful, true spiritual realities that we experience so profoundly in prayer that can be easy to lose as we go through the busyness of life.


    Jill Simons


    And so if this has touched you today, I just encourage you to head to our shop and look at the, I am loved collection. You can also look at the self worth collection that launched this month. Both of them are available in our main menu, under the messages tab and just see if something sticks out to you there, that you can incorporate into your daily life to just remember the depth and the breadth and the width of God's incredible love for you. Even when you aren't fresh off a beautiful prayer time like this, We would love to send something you, we would love to pray for you like we do for everyone that purchases from us. But regardless, I hope you go head into the rest of your week, knowing that God loves you, that we love you, And that we're all pulling for your success. God bless.

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