Introducing Monthly Revivals!

You’ve been on my mind lately. 

Yes, specifically you, and how I can do a better job of supporting you right where you are living the Christian life. 

But I have to admit, it hasn’t been simply out of the goodness of my heart, it’s been out of a call I’ve felt from the Holy Spirit to ultimately do less work, but more meaningful work. I want to do the things that matter and cut out the rest, as I’m sure you do too. 

And so I’ve spent the last two months getting down to the basics and figuring out why I even make jewelry in the first place. It’s not just to make pretty things. It’s about bringing our hopes and dreams in Christ into our everyday lived reality. It’s so easy to sit in the pew on Sunday and nod along thinking that we really need to try that prayer, or devotion, or way of reading the Bible. 

But how often does it happen? 

I don’t say that to be a downer, but it’s reality. It’s not because we are bad people, it’s because we are fallen people and we need lots and lots of reminders to keep moving in the right direction. So that is why I make jewelry: to create those over and over again reminders that can become a part of our Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on to keep a part of our mind on what it was we hoped for when we sat in God‘s presence on Sunday.

I prayed a lot about how to put the sentiment into a short statement and what came was the simple statement “seeding revival in the everyday.” 

That’s my job. 

God is just dying to pour abundant spiritual gifts on those who keep showing up. He wants to teach us how to love Him and the other people in our lives better. He wants to fill us with the kind of fire that sustains us through anything life can throw our way. He wants to revive us. 

And so that means we need to both seek and make space for revival in our lives. 

And around the same time as I was having these philosophical realizations, I realized that my products naturally fell into several categories – spaces where we all could use some revival. When it was all said and done I landed on 18 specific revival categories that you can shop right here

The idea of the revival categories is that these pieces can minister to you and those you love when you are struggling with a certain aspect of a healthy faith life - courage, reverence, connection, trust and more. We will also soon roll out the functionality to create your own box in each category so that you can tailor make a bundle to fit where you find yourself or where you see someone else needing support.

That said, I am going to start using these revival categories to help drive our conversations each month so that we can really grow from our time together. I never want to be just another jewelry company in your Rolodex (which I know you probably don't have, but you know what I mean). I want Pink Salt Riot - and reading everything we put out - to be an important piece in a constantly growing relationship with Christ.

So each month we will have a revival theme – something that we will be chatting about across our channels an actionable way.

This month of October is going to be our first month, and we will be focusing on reviving creativity. We’re going to talk about how to practice creativity if you wouldn’t ever call yourself creative, how creativity and spirituality are intertwined, how to make space in your life for creative practice, and ultimately how creativity can bring us closer to God. I’m pretty stoked, won’t lie.

At the beginning of each month we will also release a goodie stuffed package of freebies to you via email to subscribers that will come into play as we talk about the theme for the month and also help support you in your own growth throughout the month. 

I want to say this again – this month isn’t just for the people who are artists. Creativity is for everybody. Creativity is an expression of who we are in God. We are made in his image and likeness and part of that image is as Creator. So I want you to open your mind a little bit and come along for the ride even if you are a CPA with a closet full of gray suits. 

Creativity is for everybody.

If you're an email subscriber (which you should be!) I’m going to be popping into your inbox every Tuesday morning this month with some reflections about creativity and further resources. You can also follow us on Facebook to catch my Facebook lives about creativity on Thursday afternoons throughout the month and follow us on Instagram to join the conversation about creativity. 

I’m so excited to go on this journey with you.