Welcome to #LoveinEveryLanguage!

In light of creating the Spanish collection language, our team started talking about the barriers that language difference can create. Here in Oklahoma it's not uncommon to associate bilingual businesses with a rough part of town. I occasionally overhear English speakers talking disparagingly about people speaking Vietnamese or Burmese near them. And there is always that one person that thinks that talking loud will cut through a language barrier, treating an adult who simply speaks differently like a child. In talking about what we could do to change this, we came up with the idea of helping our followers learn four simple phrases in all the languages we could - Hello, Thank you, What's your name?, and Have a wonderful day! These phrases are enough to be pleasant and personable in any language, acknowledging the humanity of those you speak to and giving you the opportunity to empathize on a deeper level as you struggle with a language different than your own. We have made videos with these four phrases for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Zomi (Burmese), and Flemish. We will be sharing a video each day on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so follow along over there to learn along with us!




Zomi (Burmese)