Making the First Step of Connection

This is going to be a shorter email this week because I would love for you to take a little bit of the time you usually spend reading these emails to write one of your own. 

Is there someone that you have been meaning to reach out to? An old teacher, college roommate, friend from high school, or a person from church that you wanted to connect with and haven’t yet?

I want you to take the first step of connection and send them a quick email, Facebook message, or text. 

{It would be lovely to write a snail mail letter, but I think sometimes we can get caught up in wanting things to be as perfect as possible, like writing long letters a la Jane Austen in lovely calligraphy, and that can keep us from doing what we can do in the moment, which for many of us is an email, text, or message.}

I find that these reconnecting, or initially connecting, correspondences are the most impactful if you share something in them, like what the person has meant to you and your life, how they have impacted you, or, for a new acquaintance, what has drawn you to them about their demeanor, personality, or family. It’s vulnerable to share the ways that we depend on and look up to people. It creates an environment where they are able to be vulnerable too.

And if after this month of reflection on connection you feel moved to make a greater effort to connect with people around you in a radical way, I encourage you to become a Joy Box subscriber. For those that don’t know about the Joy Box, we send you $85+ worth of Pink Salt Riot products for just $25, and the only catch is that we ask you to give away half of everything you receive in the box to foster connection as well as an abundance mentality. 

Even when you give away half you are left with almost double what you paid for – reminding you of the way God generously gives in return for our small efforts.

We have a brand new box coming out right at the beginning of March that I think you are going to love. It’s stuffed full of jewelry, cards, stickers, and art for you to keep and give to foster your own connection with God as well as your connection with other people. 

Have a question about the Joy Box? Hit reply and let me know - I’d be happy to answer it for you!