Scoops of Joy!

When you think about your friends or family I’m sure there’s someone that sticks out who just always seems joyful - not necessarily happy all the time – but definitively joyful. It’s a great gift that we are able to be joyful in all circumstances when we unite ourselves to Christ and the example of people who do this is deeply inspiring. 

And that’s the reason that the team and I at Pink Salt Riot decided to spend this second week of March celebrating the people in your life that are refreshingly full of joy.

The pandemic started rearing the full force of its ugly head one year ago this week here in the United States. The year that has followed has been marked by division, confusion, isolation, and strife. But throughout the turmoil there have been thousands if not millions of individuals who have been consistent lights in their families and communities. 

We want to honor those people this week and we invite you to do the same.

There are several ways to get involved and we would love for you to get involved in as many of them as you can, and feel free to pick and choose from all three!

  1. Give us the “scoop” on how someone’s joy has impacted you and nominate that person for one of our Scoops of Joy Awards (and awesome prizes!) by submitting their name and story (and you can also read the full guidelines) right here.
  1. Share your story of a joyful light in your life on Instagram or Facebook and tag us and the person you’re talking about. We would love to re-share your story and honor that person publicly on social media as well!
  1. Send this adorable card to one or more people that have been a “scoop of joy” in your life. We have both a printable and digital image available so you can do this physically or digitally!

It’s easy to watch the news and be bogged down by all the bad things happening, or only pay attention to national level good things going on and miss the simple everyday actions that make an incredible impact on the people around us. 

I find that reflecting on who has brought joy to my life has allowed me to grow in gratitude and also been a source of renewed joy and consolation to those I thank for their efforts.

So thank you for being a constant source of joy for me. How you continue to show up for me and PSR is always a joy and inspiration to me.