The Grass is Always Greener

One of the trickiest things about navigating the season of life we find ourselves in is the dreaded comparison game - both comparing ourselves to other people in the same season and comparing ourselves to people who are living completely different lives in every sense of the term.

The main culprit for me? Single artists. 

It’s bad you guys.

I feel like I utterly wasted the brief phase of my life when I was a single artist. Granted I met my husband as a freshman in college, so the period was brief, but I still feel like I didn’t prioritize the right things during that time and I often deeply romanticize what I could’ve done or should’ve done given the opportunity to do it all again.

I look at single artists on social media and see how prolific they are, how they can work until 2 AM when the inspiration strikes and then sleep in the next morning when the muse is quiet. I see how they have time and space to practice, experiment, try new things. I see how their time is really and truly their own.

And when I dwell on that, I look around at my cobbled together work hours in the margins of days spent mostly sitting on the floor keeping a one-year-old from mortally wounding himself with any number of household items and I'm tempted to wish things were different. 

But that doesn’t help anybody. 

That doesn’t help me. 

That isn’t the story God is teaching me to write right now.

I’m pretty sure that there are single artists out there looking at my life of motherhood maybe wishing we could trade places. There are would-love-to-be-mothers who are deeply craving the joy of having children to keep from sticking things into electrical sockets. 

The grass is always greener.

And I guess that’s what I’m here to say this week

You can absolutely find a reason to be sad, discontented, or annoyed at your season of life. Nothing is perfect. But you can also absolutely find joy in the season that you are in, Even if, in grief, it’s that simple joy of having loved enough to hurt like this. It’s the perfect example of that quote from the Vision that has been buzzing around social media since the Wandavision finale: “what is grief, if not love persevering?”

The grass is only greener over there if you let yourself believe it is. I think the better talent to develop is to pop down in your own yard and make a list of what’s good about right here, even if it’s still a fixer-upper

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