Pink Salt Riot Prayer Wall Requests


We are honored to pray for your prayer requests. This is where all requests submitted through our App live, and you can submit yours by downloading the app for iPhone here or Android here


  • For me to be blessed with good community and good friends
  • For the prayers in our hearts and for a desire to follow God's will
  • The repose of the soul of my mother-in-law
  • Pray that my C- in engl 100 counts towards the required C for the nursing that I wanna get into and if not if I have to retake engl 100 for the third time that I get a C or B. Also pray that I gain acceptance into my dream nursing school.
  • My mother-in law who is dying, that she has peace in body and soul.
  • Nursing school acceptance letter!!!
  • Freedom from temptation
  • I’d love prayers for my daughter who is struggling to make friends. She has a lot of social anxiety.
  • For my mama. She’s turning 49 next week and just found out that she’s 7 weeks pregnant. I’m feeling worried for their health and just want them to be okay, so please pray for my mom and her health in every aspect— mental, physical, and spiritual and that the baby will be born healthy. And pray for me too, that I will be strong in case this is brother #4!
  • For my boyfriend who is deploying and his fellow Marines serving during this time of conflict
  • For Jill and her ministry, work, and her family.
  • Pray for healing of BPD
  • For peace in my heart that I am worthy of friendships
  • For peace in my heart that I am worthy of friendships
  • For Aimee and Rich to find common ground.
  • For my boyfriend— he’s entering the Church at the Easter vigil this year… on his birthday of all days! The timing of it all blows me away :) We would really appreciate prayers for him as he continues to grow in his faith and be an example to others, especially to his family. Thank you so much!