Leave Behind the Lies (but keep the To-Do List, because checking something off just feels good)

In this enlightening episode of “Free for the Fruit,” host Jill Simons guides listeners through a transformative discussion on liberating oneself from the common yet deceptive belief that personal worth is tied to productivity.

Entitled “Leave Behind the Lies (but keep the To-Do List, because checking something off just feels good),” this episode is a profound journey into the realms of spiritual freedom and identity.

Jill opens by addressing a relatable struggle among many of us: the misconception that our value is measured by our achievements. This engaging talk explores the dangers of such a mindset and offers actionable advice for redefining where our true identity should stem from — our relationship with God, not our worldly outputs.

Throughout the episode, Jill shares her personal experiences and spiritual insights, revealing how she overcame her own battles with identity and productivity. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's worth as inherent and unearned, a gift from God, rather than something to be proven through relentless work.

Listeners will also discover practical tools and neuropsychological insights into reshaping how we think about work and worth. Jill introduces simple yet powerful daily affirmations and thought experiments designed to recalibrate our brains' wiring, fostering a healthier, more spiritually-aligned outlook.

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or questioning your value amidst a productivity slump, this episode of “Free for the Fruit” is a must-listen. Jill's soothing guidance not only offers peace but also equips you with the spiritual tools to maintain that peace through life's inevitable ups and downs.

Don’t miss this transformative experience. Tune in now to start your journey towards a truly freed identity, where your worth is constant and unshaken by earthly measures.