Trusting God with our Timing

Welcoming you to another enlightening session on "Free for the Fruit," our podcast that seeks to foster a deeper understanding and reception of the Holy Spirit's gifts.

In today’s episode, Jill delicately explores the often complex and emotionally charged subject of trusting in God’s perfect timing.

Have you ever felt left behind, viewing others as they seemingly receive blessings and wondering when your time will come? Or perhaps you've planned your life meticulously, only to see those plans unravel? Then this episode is for you!

Jill shares candidly from her own life’s detours, starting from academic rejections to unexpected career shifts, guiding us through her journey of understanding and accepting that the divine timing is not only perfect but also intentional.

Our discussion this month revolves around the powerful, though at times, tough-to-accept truth that "It's not too late, I fully believe God's timing is perfect, and he knows what he’s doing." This affirmation, also imprinted on our Truth Bands bracelets, serves as a comforting reminder of this profound truth.

Jill doesn’t just share her narrative; she delves into biblical stories and personal accounts where God's timing played a crucial role in delivering outcomes different from expectations but extraordinary in fruition. This episode will not just offer you reassurance but will equip you with the perspective needed to see the hidden blessings in waiting periods.

Join Jill in this heartfelt episode as she unwraps the layers of trusting in what we cannot control and finding peace in the promises of God. Whether you’re in a waiting season or just seeking a more profound spiritual connection, this episode is a bountiful resource for encouragement and faith.

Listen to the full episode here and allow Jill Simons to guide you through embracing the truth of God’s perfect timing in your life.