Our Plans for 2024 and Beyond

You may be noticing a lot of changes around the shop, and I wanted to explain those as best I can.

In 2023 I experienced a lot of extremes – some of the best things that I’ve ever experienced, and some of the hardest. 

For almost 15 years, my dream has been to spend the majority of my time helping people discern their charisms (spiritual gifts) and focus on my speaking and writing careers.

For years, I believed that, because that was my dream that was going to be the cross Jesus had for me – the sacrifice was going to be never fulfilling any of the dreams that he had placed in my heart. But growing closer to him, and coming to a place of detachment - where I would be OK if none of those things did happen - that’s exactly when Jesus brought those dreams to fruition.

I know I’ve shared before that launching Many Parts Ministries in April shifted where I spend my time considerably. Although it’s been wonderful, it’s been hard to figure out the balance between Pink Salt Riot, Many Parts, and my family.

Plus, on the flip side of all the good stuff, I’ve been dealing with some really heavy health challenges in the wake of the traumatic birth I had with my youngest son 18 months ago. It has affected my body as well as my mind, and it has been hard to feel like I don’t recognize myself as I struggle with attention, stamina, and immune challenges I’ve never had before.

In the past I’ve been like most adults who will get a cold for a few days and then get better, but in late October I got a “cold” that turned into pneumonia, a sinus infection, an ear infection, and a severely strained intercostal (rib) muscle that I am still recovering from as I write this, almost 8 weeks later. And that’s just the acute stuff - even more is going on under the surface making so much of what I have always done feel impossible.

God has made it very clear to me that his heart for me is to continue using my gifts, but also to prioritize rest in a way that feels like a confusing counterpart to that call. 

If you wanted me to rest, God, why give me chronic illness, four kids, and two full-time jobs?

But, as always, God‘s ways are not our ways.

He is challenging me to trust him that the fruits of the Holy Spirit are accessible in all circumstances and that I can experience peace, joy, and rest, while still living a very full life and prioritizing healing.

But also, the circumstances do need to change a little bit, and that brings us to some changes you’re going to be seeing in Pink Salt Riot in the new year.


We are going to be attempting to focus on the 20% of effort that helps our customers get 80% of their results in combating the lies of the enemy by embracing the truth.

To that end, we are going to be shrinking our product line down to encompass our vinyl stickers, our bespoke metal charms on bracelets and necklaces, and our line of elastic bracelets.

We know that so many of you use and love all of our other products, and we do as well. Letting them go is very bittersweet. Left to my own devices I would just continue creating more and more new things forever and ever amen.

But, in prayer the last half of this year, I have felt a deep conviction that God is inviting me into both greater detachment and greater focus on the missions in front of me. By more clearly defining the purpose of all the endeavors I undertake, I am able to more easily discern when I am veering off the path and where there is space in life to embrace rest instead.

I’ll be honest, and our Joy Box subscribers already know this, but there was about a three-month period where I was completely sure that we were going to simply close Pink Salt Riot. And I had a lot of peace about it.

I think it was necessary for me to embrace a vision of my future without it in order to be willing and ready to let it go should that be what God asked of me.

But it wasn’t.

After those few months passed, in prayer I kept feeling God nudging me to return to the purpose that we had uncovered as Pink Salt Riot’s reason to exist: providing people, especially women, with in-situation reminders about what it is that is true.

We live in an extreme poverty of truth in the moments where we need it.

Many people are speaking the truth well in books, from stages and pulpits, and on podcasts, but so many people need to touch the truth, over and over again, to help the truth make that 18-inch journey from head to heart.

That was the sacred work trusted to Pink Salt Riot and as time went on I realized that we had not yet been asked to abandon it.

So, in the new year, we’re doubling down. Everything we do is going to be with the laser focused mission of empowering you, and those that you love, to choose to believe the truth in every situation life throws at you – the best, the hardest, the most unexpected, the most confusing, the most hidden.

We want to hear from you what lies you are struggling with the most so that we can create simple reminders for you to carry with you of what the truth is.

We also ask your help in giving our remaining other products the best sendoff we can.

Today is the last day to place orders to arrive for Christmas in the USA, and also your last opportunity to grab any products not mentioned above for Christmas gifting.

After Christmas will be having our regular 12 days of Christmas sale with a bigger discount than ever before hundreds of items will be leaving the shop for good.

We’re going to be closing this chapter of Pink Salt Riot officially with our final Love Box Day on February 1, 2024. Every $25 box will be full of over $125 worth of beautiful, thoughtful, Christ-centered items that we’ve been making for years that we are going to be giving one final sendoff.

If this news is making you a little bit sad, we’re right there with you.

This has been a little bit sad for me too, but whenever I sit with Jesus, and talk to him about this, I am filled with nothing but hope and excitement for what he still has planned for us and those that we serve. He is giving me a vision for 2024 and beyond where we can reach and truly help more people than ever before because of the simplicity we are embracing, and that’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

Thanks for staying with me through this essay of an email, and thank you for being such a loyal, faithful supporter of Pink Salt Riot. I love you all, and I’m holding your intentions in my heart as we go into this sacred Christmas season.

Always praying for you, pulling for you, and believing in you,


Jill Simons

Founder & Creative Director

Pink Salt Riot