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It's Not Too Late Silver Coin Necklace

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This month's signature charm is double sided: IT'S NOT TOO LATE & GOD'S TIMING IS PERFECT

I designed this piece to speak to you as you go throughout your day, especially when those moments of anxiety creep in and the lies start humming...

This is never going to happen.
It's too late for this.
It's silly to hope at this point.
Why am I even holding out for this?
This ship has sailed for me.

This charm will wait with you, as you continue to hope...

for an opportunity...
for a friend...
for a partner...
for a baby...
for a sign...
for a break...
for healing...
for reunion...
for a cure.

It whispers quietly: Please keep hoping.

Hope itself is victorious, even if it seems like we have hoped in vain. We know that we never hope in vain because we hope in Jesus who will never abandon us or forsake us. Even if we should die without the thing we hoped for, all our hopes are realized in heaven in ways more beautiful that we could have ever imagined.

This is a charm about that - all the pain, all the fear, and all the self reliance that God is inviting us to lay down as we run into the arms of hope and faith declaring:

God's timing is perfect.

  • stainless steel charm and chain
  • will not tarnish
  • water-safe, no need to take it off!
  • durable 16 inch chain hits most women in the hollow at the bottom of the neck
  • comes packaged on a lovely memory book style "It's Not Too Late" card
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It's Not Too Late Silver Coin Necklace

It's Not Too Late Silver Coin Necklace